Group Programs

At LI Anxiety Care, Adult Group Therapy Programs provide clients with an opportunity to gain help and support from others in the context of a professionally led CBT group. Group therapy is a highly affordable form of treatment that is highly effective too.

If you would like more information about any of the LI Anxiety Care group programs listed below, including information about dates and times of meetings, please, call us at (631)751-1420.

Conquering Anxiety

Conquering Anxiety is an 8-week comprehensive program for those who struggle with intense worries, phobias, symptoms of panic, or stress related medical problems.  Learn to calm anxiety and panic, overcome fears, and reduce physical symptoms of stress.

OCD Treatment Group

OCD Treatment Group is for members whose primary anxiety symptoms involve repetitive worries and/or compulsive behaviors or routines.  Gain support from others and learn valuable techniques to reduce worries and decrease the urge to perform routines.

On the Move: Help for Agoraphobia and Panic

A dynamic treatment and support program for members whose fears and panic symptoms limit them from engaging in a full range of activities & experiences.  Gain support from others and become much more comfortable driving, traveling, dining out, shopping, and socializing.


Transitions is a special group treatment and support program for members undergoing any of a variety of challenging life changes including separation or divorce, bereavement, relocation, or adjustment to medical conditions.

Body and Mind Relaxation and Stress Management

A broad ranging program for anyone who wishes to improve their capacity to relax, enhance mindfulness, and increase resistance to stress related physical symptoms. Participants learn cognitive-behavioral strategies for maintaining peace of mind and well-being along with powerful breathing, meditative, and spiritual techniques.

Men's Worry and Stress Management Group

For male clients who suffer anxiety and stress in their everyday lives.  Clients learn a variety of cognitive-behavioral strategies to directly combat chronic worry, reduce anger, improve health, and cope with stress more effectively.

Managing Stress Overload

For clients maxed out by stress. Current research shows how the brain misinterprets information under stress, leading people to become fearful, alarmed, or even angry in situations when there is NO REAL DANGER. Discover how to maintain rational thinking, and restore calm rather than experience unnecessary panic.